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4X4 Ford Ranger Motorhome Camper

Treat yourself to a 4×4 self-drive holiday without all the hassles of pitching tents, packing and living out of boxes.

This comfortable 4×4 Ford Ranger Camper is lightweight, complete with full bathroom including hot shower, cassette toilet & cooking facilities.

Who needs the hassle of pitching tents, packing and living out of boxes? This comfortable 4×4 Ranger motorhome is lightweight, complete with full bathroom including hot shower, toilet and cooking facilities.

Built and designed in our factory on the popular Ford Ranger 4×4 chassis with a six speed manual or automatic gear box, incorporating the largest in class main bed as well as an 80 litre fridge, gas/220volt hot water geyser and one of the only 4×4 camper available with a full indoor bathroom (hot shower and toilet), and kitchen.

Packing space is very generous with ample storage spaces for collapsible suitcases and folding bags

All of our models are the latest design using the best materials and equipment all round, A solid surface Serino top surrounds the two plate gas burner and sink combination and the wood grain finishes are light colours and attractive.

The main bed pulls out to a staggering 1935mm long once fully extended with a width of 1780mm ensuring you a comfortable night’s sleep (without being cramped up on a small bed) –after all you are on holiday!!

A perfect camper for exploring places off the beaten track.

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  • 4 x 4
  • Sleeps 2
  • Air conditioning
  • Bathroom

Special Extras that come standard:

  • Extra-large Fridge (80 litres)
  • Largest Main Double Bed
  • Large Bathroom with Flush Cassette Toilet
  • Shower With Hot Water
  • Hot Water Geyser 220v/Gas

Capacity and Storage Space:

  • Adult Passengers – 2
  • Number of Seats with Seat Belts – 2
  • Number of Doors – 3 
  • Large Collapsible Suitcase Space – 1
  • Medium Sized Bag Packing Space – 2
  • Gas Supply – 1 x 3Kg

Engine and Model Features & Specifications:

  • Engine Size – 2.2l
  • Fuel Type – Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Size – 140 Litre Long range tank fitted
  • Transmission – Manual 4×4 or Automatic
  • Estimated Fuel Consumption – 10l per 100Km
  • Sound System – Bluetooth / MP3
  • Aircon: with climate control – In drivers cabin
  • Power Steering – Yes
  • ABS/Traction Control – Yes
  • Dual Airbags – Yes
  • Central Locking – Yes