Thomas and Tina Hrastnik

In February 2018 we met up with Thomas and Tina at our Cape Town Depot. They are about to start a lovely holiday of Southern Africa

They collected the keys for the 4X4 Ford Ranger Motorhome that would take them across Southern Africa. They arrived in Cape Town and traveled up the West Coast of South Africa into the Northern Cape and crossed the border into Namibia.Traveling through Namibia over the border into  Botswana.After visiting two of South Africa’s Neighbouring countries they traveled back down from Botswana into the Northern Cape and proceeded further down into the Eastern province of South Africa ,the Eastern Cape.

They would head back to Cape Town were they would end their wonderful journey

Have a look at some of the fantastic photos they shared with us.



Eastern Cape

Western Cape

 Many greetings

Thomas and Tina Hrastnik